The sponsors of the bill are: Representatives Tom Sullivan(D) of Arapahoe County HD 2, and Alec Garnett (D) of Boulder County HD 37.

This bill gives any (petitioner) family member, current or former dating partner, recent roommate, or law enforcement officer, veto power over your natural right to armed self-defense.

ERPOs are based on the opinion of a likely unqualified individual claiming you might be a threat to yourself or someone else without “due-process.” Doesn’t a “threat to yourself and/or others” sound off, a "mental issue" and a call for intervention by a professional behavioral mental health evaluator first?

This bill “provides for” an initial ex parte hearing in the absence of the accused gun owner. The ex parte hearings are the worst feature of the restraining order law, in that it allows a person to go to court and get an order without the other person present. That means that any lie will do, since no one is there to rebut it. As a consequence, without any input in the matter, a person can lose their children, their home, their money, their guns, and their freedom. This is crueler tyranny than any civilized land has ever tolerated, and approximates the tactics of one Vladimir Ulyanov, aka Lenin, during the Bolshevik Revolution.

Subsequently, confiscation of his or her guns, without the opportunity to confront and rebut their accuser prior to any formal court hearing at which the accused can be represented by counsel and present counter evidence—the testimony or accusations by the petitioner would by sufficient for law enforcement to determine sufficient and adequate “probable cause” enter that person's home and confiscate their private property.

Upon issuance of the ERPO, the accused shall surrender all of his or her firearms and his or her concealed carry permits. The ERPO prohibits the respondent from possessing, controlling, purchasing, or receiving a firearm for 364 days.The accused may surrender his or her firearms either to a law enforcement agency or a federally licensed firearms dealer or confiscation by law enforcement.

The respondent can motion the court once, during the 364-day ERPO for a hearing to terminate the ERPO and is responsible for the entire cost of their defense. The respondent has the burden of proof at a termination hearing. After issuance of a temporary ERPO, the court must schedule a second hearing no later than 14 days following the issuance to determine whether the issuance of a continuing ERPO is warranted. Hence, a 14 day waiting period. The bill DOES NOT specify if firearms shall be confiscated upon issuance of a temporary ERPO. Note: In Colorado domestic court, most temporary (TRO) hearings are suspended in 14 days as many are exaggerated, frivolous, unwarranted or resolved. However, this may be the beginning of additional anti-Second Amendment legislation modeled after restrictive laws in other states

  • Here’s what you can do:

  • 1. Send a note to each of the committee members. Contact the bill sponsors below:

    Tom Sullivan 303-866-5510 or by email: Alec Garnett (720) 840-8132
    To reach your Senator, call: 303-866-2316. To reach your Representative, call: 303-866-2904.
    2. If you’re able, please attend the committee hearing this Wednesday, Jan. 30, at 1:30 p.m. in the Old State Library Hearing Room. Your presence will send a strong message to legislators.

    3. Please share this widely so more Coloradans can make their voice heard! Thank you for taking action and spreading the word! attend.

  • Give Testimony at the Capitol on Thursday February 21, 2019 at 1:30 at the Colorado State Capitol

  • It’s time to unite and tell our state legislators to Stop the Gun Grab and the Constitution. Every Colorado citizen has the right to "Due-Process," the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, and probable cause to search our homes.

    HB19-1177 will be heard February 21, Thursday, at 1:30pm in the Old State Library Hearing Room.. This is important! Show up to let legislators know we will not sit idly by while they try to take over our schools.
  • Read the Bill Here

  • To reach your Senator, call: 303-866-2316. To reach your Representative, call: 303-866-2904. Contact the bill sponsors below: Tom Sullivan 303-866-5510 or by email: Alec Garnett (720) 840-8132

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